A webinar was held for BC wineries about doing business with BC Liquor Stores.

  • Webinar Slides - PowerPoint presentation from the Nov. 16, 2016 webinar


August 26, 2016: RESOURCES FOR BC CRAFT BREWERIES – NEW REMITTANCE MODEL (to take effect October 2016)

The LDB is transitioning to a new remittance model that will change the way BC craft brewers (those who produce less than 350,000 hectolitres) remit mark-up to the LDB on their direct sales.

The following documents are provided to craft brewers to assist with the transition:

  • Q+As – These address questions that were asked during the past two webinars.
  • Checklist – A list of activities the LDB suggests you take as you plan for the transition.
  • Timelines and Notifications – A snapshot of the timelines under the new reporting process and examples of the email notifications you will receive.
  • Transition Instructions – A guide outlining the critical dates for reporting your final batches under the current model and transitioning to the new model.
  • PAD Agreement – A requirement for BC craft breweries under the new remittance model. Due to the LDB by Sept. 16, 2016.
  • Webinar Slides – PowerPoint presentation from the Aug. 18, 2016 webinar.
  • Reconciliation Example – An example of the calculation of the PDR Settlement Amount for direct sales. NEW.


May 20, 2016: ANNOUNCEMENT REGARDING REVISED MARK-UP SCHEDULE (to take effect July 3, 2016)


Today, Government announced changes to the mark-up schedule that will take effect later this summer.


On July 3, 2016, the mark-up rate for microbreweries and regional breweries will be reduced by between 25 to 27% per litre.


The revised mark-up schedule, which takes effect on July 3, 2016, is available here.




In an effort to meet customer demand for locally made, craft beer products, BC Liquor Stores are introducing a program to allow BC Liquor Stores to offer non-listed beer products from local microbreweries.


Effective Monday, Nov. 30, 2015, each BC Liquor Store has the opportunity to offer up to 12 locally made, non-listed beer products from microbreweries in close proximity to their store. Microbreweries are those with an annual production volume under 15,000 HL.


An application form for interested microbreweries is available on the vendor website under Resources / Other Forms, Guides, Manuals, etc:


Further information about the program will be posted on this page as it becomes available.


A news release about the program can be found here:


Effective April 1, 2015: WHOLESALE PRICING PROGRAM

When the new wholesale pricing model took effect on April 1, 2015, all liquor retailers began purchasing their product from the LDB at a common wholesale price. As part of this transition, the LDB is taking the opportunity to update its systems and reporting processes.


Please see below for a list of published materials to support the transition to the new wholesale pricing model.



Wholesale Pricing Information Updates:


IMPORTANT: These documents may be subject to updates, so please close and refresh your browser to ensure you are viewing the most current documents.


Wholesale Pricing Model



  Wholesale pricing changes 

  information - manufacturers,

  agents and suppliers


 Wholesale Pricing Changes - Presentation* updated Mar. 2/15

 Wholesale Pricing Changes Presentation - April 2015

 Wholesale Pricing Changes - Overview

 Wholesale Pricing FAQ - Manufacturers, Agents and Suppliers


  Revised Wholesale Reporting -

  manufacturers, agents and



 Solution Design Document - Price List CSV file download format

 Direct Sales Web Reporting CSV Upload specification  

 Direct Sales Web Reporting CSV Fields Specification and Validation Rules     

 Direct Sales Web Reporting CSV Sample file             

 Sales Reporting Manual Form specification         


  Roll-Out Process For Period 1

  2015 Pricing Cycle -

  manufacturers, agents and



 February 1, 2015 Communication to Agents and Suppliers

 Cut-Over For Period 1 (April 1, 2015)

 2015-2016 Dates and Deadlines for Wholesale Price Changes and Promotions Period 1-3          


 Wholesale pricing changes  

 information - hospitality



 Hospitality FAQ

 Wholesale Pricing Changes - Presentation