Vendor Facing Website


Before a BC liquor manufacturer sells any liquor products, the product must be registered and its price confirmed with the LDB.  Product registration and price changes can be done through the Vendor Facing Website (VFW).


How can I access the Vendor Facing Website?


For Import Agents: Access is provided following the New Agent Package submission.

For Domestic Suppliers/Manufacturers: Access is provided after you receive the Final Approval Package from LDB’s Regulatory Department.


Once you have received your login credentials, you can register products here.   

For Wine and Spirits manufacturers, a detailed guide for product registration can be found here

For Beer manufacturers, a detailed guide for product registration can be found here


What information can I find on the VFW?


  • Pricing information
  • Necessary product change forms (case configuration/price/etc.)
  • Optional sales reports (via LDB’s External Data Services Department)
  • Product Activity Report for movement of product inventory in the LDB Warehouse
  • Product application history  

How do I register my product? How long does the process take?


To register a product: 

1. Access the VFW.

2. Complete the product registration application with the product information and product pricing information.

3. Once the application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the LDB's Wholesale Supply Chain and the Wholesale Pricing departments. The approval process should take 3-5 business days, if all the information is correct.


How can I reset my password?


 If you need to reset your password, please contact:


How can I change the price of my product? 


Complete the price change form under the Pricing Information tab on the VFW.

For further information, please contact:


Optional standard and custom reports via LDB External Data Services


The LDB collects detailed information about products and sales for the BC marketplace. Sales information is available by product, category, volume/dollars/units, time frame (e.g. month, year, or quarter), by agent and supplier, and liquor outlet. 


A variety of standard and custom reports may be purchased on request or by subscription. For more information about standard and custom sales reports, please contact:


How to find your application status?


Each application has a Status column to show which stage your application is at. For further information, contact


If You Need Assistance


Wholesale Supply Chain Department


The Wholesale Supply Chain Department approves/denies product registrations, and manages product and supplier information, stock and inventory allocation. A list of Wholesale Contacts is provided in the Resources tab on the Vendor Facing Website.


For further information, please contact


Wholesale Pricing Department


The Wholesale Pricing Department is responsible for establishing and maintaining wholesale prices and special customer prices for new and active registered beverage alcohol products in the province. Wholesale Pricing Information for potential vendors is available upon request.


For further information, please contact