BC Liquor Stores offer new exposure for local microbreweries


VANCOUVER — In an effort to better meet customer demand for craft beer products, BC Liquor
Stores have been given the green light to work with their closest microbreweries to expand
local offerings on their shelves.

To tailor each store's selection of microbrewery products to its local market, beginning on Nov.
30, 2015, BC Liquor Stores will accept up to 12 non-listed products from the breweries closest
to their location. Non-listed products are products that are not generally sold across the BC
Liquor Stores chain.

This new program — coming into effect at the start of BC Buy Local week — will offer new
opportunities for exposure of microbreweries' products. With close to 200 stores in all areas of
the province, ensuring shelf space for local microbreweries is also a way BC Liquor Stores can
introduce their customers to new and unique products from breweries that are closer to home.
BC Liquor Stores will periodically review the offerings to ensure that products available on
shelves continue to be aligned with consumer demand.


Quick Facts:

  • Microbreweries are considered to be those that produce 15,000 hectolitres (HL) or less annually.
  • There are currently 102 microbreweries in B.C. eligible for this new program. In 2011, there were 57 — the number has almost doubled in the past five years.


Media Contact:

BC Liquor Distribution Branch Communications

604 252-3029