Other Vendors

Aside from liquor manufacturers/suppliers and Licensed Producers of cannabis, the BC Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) does business with countless other vendors for goods and services. Opportunities for these vendors to do business with the LDB are communicated on the government's official website at BC Bid.




The LDB authorizes third-party warehouse operators, who satisfy certain pre-conditions, to offer liquor warehouse program services to licensed agents. All warehouse operators wanting to provide or continue providing liquor warehouse program services will be required to enter into the LDB's Agreement Relating to the Operation of a Warehouse Under the Liquor Warehouse Program as a condition of their authorization or continued authorization.


Upon meeting certain requirements, authorized warehouse operators enter into an agreement with the LDB under the Liquor Warehouse Program to receive and store beverage alcohol in B.C.


Warehouse operators interested in becoming authorized by the LDB can download the Liquor Warehouse Program Information Package for Warehouse Operators.