• Where can I find a BC Liquor Store near me and its hours of operation?

    Every one of our BC Liquor Stores can be found on our interactive map: http://www.bcliquorstores.com/store/locator. Simply type any part of a store name, address, city or postal code in order to find the store nearest you. The search can also be narrowed depending if you’re looking for a coldzone, product consultant, Signature BC Liquor Store, or a location open on Sunday.

  • What is the mailing address and phone number for the BC Liquor Distribution Branch?

    You may contact the BC Liquor Distribution Branch/BC Liquor Stores head office location at:
    3383 Gilmore Way
    Burnaby BC  V5G 4S1
    Phone: 604-252-7400
    Email: communications@bcldb.com
    For questions about products or BC Liquor Stores, please contact inquiries@bcliquorstores.com.

  • I'm a member of the media (reporter, writer, news agency). Who can I contact about my media inquiry?

    All members of the media should contact the LDB's Communications department at 604-252-7481, or via email at communications@bcldb.com.

  • How can I buy products seen on this website?

    Although BC Liquor Stores does not offer online ordering, you can purchase products featured on this site at your neighbourhood BC Liquor Store. To search for a product and a location where it's carried, please use the search option of our online product catalogue, and click "More Info" once you find your desired product. On the right hand side of the product page, you'll see an area titled "Where to Buy" - here you can either type in a postal code or click "View all locations" to see where the product is available. Please note that data is updated at the end of each business day, so we recommend you call the BC Liquor Store in advance to verify product availability.

  • How can I find out whether you carry organic, gluten free, kosher, etc. products?

    BC Liquor Stores is proud to carry a wide selection of products to meet the needs of our customers. To find your desired product, simply type your search term in our product search and inventory locator. Please note that product selection and availability varies from store to store.

    In addition, you can always contact your local BC Liquor Store directly and speak to a staff member, who will be happy to suggest a product based on your needs.

  • Do you offer a delivery service for local, out-of-province or out-of-country customers?

    BC Liquor Stores does not have a delivery service, and cannot ship beverage alcohol outside of B.C.

    Customers located in British Columbia can find their nearest BC Liquor Store by visiting our store locator. Simply type any part of a store name, address, city or postal code in order to find the store nearest you. The search can also be narrowed depending if you’re looking for a coldzone, product consultant, Signature BC Liquor Store, or a location open on Sunday.

  • The product I'm interested in isn't available in my local store. Can you transfer it from another location?

    Requests for inter-store transfers are evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the Store Manager. You can find the contact information for all of our stores by visiting BC Liquor Stores’ interactive map at http://www.bcliquorstores.com/store/locator. If an inter-store transfer is not possible, the store manager can provide you with some excellent, comparable product recommendations from the local store’s inventory that will very likely suit your tastes.

  • I'm looking for a specific product that I saw in another liquor store/you used to sell. How do I know if BC Liquor Stores carries it?

    BC Liquor Stores carries an extensive array of products, all of which can be found in our regularly-updated Product Catalogue. Here, you can search for your product and find the local BC Liquor Store where it’s available.

    Please note that BC Liquor Stores carries a variety of seasonal products and regularly evaluates our product mix to ensure we continue meeting the tastes and desires of our customers; therefore, some products may only be available for a short period of time.

    If the specific product you’re looking for isn’t currently available at BC Liquor Stores, you can try our Special Order service, which allows customers to order any product from anywhere in the world. More information can be found on our Special Orders page. Please note that a minimum amount for any Special Order is one full case of product. We also recommend you speak with your local store manager, because he or she can provide you with some excellent, comparable product recommendations from the local store’s inventory that will very likely suit your tastes.

  • What is the tax rate on alcohol in B.C.?
    Currently, all beverage alcohol products in B.C. are subject to 10% PST, 5% GST and a refundable container deposit (if applicable). Please note that BC Liquor Store shelf prices do not include taxes.
  • Does BC Liquor Stores offer gift cards? How can I buy one?

    Gift cards are available at any BC Liquor Store checkout in any denomination you choose.

    If you already have a gift card and want to check the balance, please click here.

    Gift cards can also be purchased by phone and mail if you are not located near a BC Liquor Store. To purchase a gift card, simply email Store Opreations at inquiries@bcliquorstores.com and make a request. Once payment has been received (it must be either a bank draft or money order), Store Operations will mail the gift card to the intended recipient. A personal message can accompany the card – simply include it with your payment.

  • Can I get a refund or exchange for a product I bought at BC Liquor Stores?

    BC Liquor Stores’ complete return policy can be found on our Product Returns page.

    You can return any product purchased at BC Liquor Stores (except gift cards) with a valid receipt or gift receipt to any BC Liquor Store.
    • It must be no more than 60 days since the date of purchase.
    • The product must be in a saleable condition.

    All returns under $2,500 with a receipt are processed in the original method of tender; with exception to returns made with gift receipts which will be processed on a gift card. Returns over $2,500 with a receipt are processed through the Liquor Distribution Branch’s Head Office via cheque and are subject to a 10% restocking fee.


  • I'm holding a special event and would like to serve liquor to my guests. How do I get a permit?

    Anyone holding a special event, celebration or community festival that involves the serving or selling of liquor must obtain a Special Event Permit (SEP). This allows you to serve and sell alcohol to your guests, and for them to consume it. Permits are regulated by the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch and issued by the Liquor Distribution Branch. When you apply for a SEP, you agree to be responsible for the safety and sobriety of your guests. A complete copy of the laws that govern this permit can be found at the Liquor Control and Licensing website.

    Please note that a SEP is not required if your event is hosted within a private residence or at a licensed establishment.

    For more information about applying for a SEP, visit the Special Event Permits website.


  • I have a liquor licence or am looking to apply for one to sell liquor. Who do I contact for more information?

    Establishments that serve liquor are licensed by the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch (LCLB). For more information, please visit their website at www.pssg.gov.bc.ca/lclb or call 1-866-209-2111 within B.C.

  • Is it possible for BC Liquor Stores to support my non-profit organization through a charitable donation? How about fundraising in front of your stores?

    As a branch of the provincial government, the BC Liquor Distribution Branch is unable to make charitable donations or provide sponsorships on behalf of the taxpayers of British Columbia.

    For organizations or individuals interested in fundraising in front of our stores (i.e. Girl Guides, Salvation Army), please contact Store Operations directly at ldbsoadmin@bcliquorstores.com. If you are interested in placing a coin donation receptacle at our cash lanes, contact Marketing@bcldb.com.

  • How can I provide feedback about TASTE Magazine or ask a question regarding a recent story/recipe?

    All questions and queries about TASTE Magazine can be directed to: Taste.Magazine@bcliquorstores.com.

  • How do I inquire about distributing my liquor product or beverage alcohol accessory (such as corkscrews) in BC Liquor Stores?

    For more information about distributing a beverage alcohol product as an agent or supplier in B.C., please visit the Liquor Distribution Branch’s Agents and Suppliers page.

    Suppliers located outside of Canada are required to have a contractual agreement with a local representative (agent) who represents them on all matters related to the importation and distribution of their product in the province. Prospective suppliers and agents can obtain a package of information that provides details on rules, regulations, procedures and policies pertaining to the acquisition of products for sale in British Columbia and BC Liquor Stores by emailing ldbagentinfo@bcldb.com.

    For those interested in distributing alcohol accessory products in BC Liquor Stores, please email ldbsvp@bcldb.com.



  • What jobs are currently available at the BC Liquor Distribution Branch and BC Liquor Stores?

    Our Careers page provides more information about where to look for jobs available at BC Liquor Stores and the Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB), as well as how to apply. If you’ve read the Careers page and still have additional questions, please contact the LDB’s Human Resources Department by calling 604-252-8565.