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Doing Business with the LDB - Wholesale Distribution


All BC liquor manufacturers must report direct sales to all specified customers in BC to the LDB. This reporting is done online using the safe and secure Direct Sales Web-Reporting (DSWR) application.






Direct Sales Web-Reporting Application


DSWR application requires an active BCeID account to login. All liquor manufacturers intending to sell products in BC need to register for a BCeID account and provide separate access to their employees, bookkeepers or agents that will report sales on the manufacturer's behalf. Please follow the instructions here for BCeID registration.


Within the application, direct sales can be entered manually in individual forms or via CSV file upload. Once individual transactions are entered manually or uploaded from CSV files, they can be reviewed, compiled into a batch, and electronically submitted to the LDB for processing. Before submission of the batch, it is the liquor manufacturer's responsibility to ensure the total dollar amount of the sales and the number of documents are accurate. This will ensure accurate and timely payment from the LDB.


Sales to BC Liquor Stores are not reported to the LDB. All orders originated by BCLS or LDB Supply Chain are paid by the LDB according to the payment terms when the products are received by the LDB. 


The DSWR application provides a number of reporting and extracting tools for further analysis and reconciliation with the manufacturer's records.


You may find more information about the DSWR application, CSV file upload instructions, and technical specifications here.


Please use this link to access the login page of the Direct Sales Web-Reporting application.




If You Need Assistance


Finance Wholesale Private Distribution Reporting


The Wholesale Private Distribution Reporting Department is responsible for collecting sales data information from manufacturers and monitoring reporting compliance. The department also supports manufacturers with necessary training and responds to their reporting-related inquiries.


For your inquiries related to sales reporting, please call 604-252-7564 or e-mail: