Agents & Suppliers

Doing Business with the LDB - Vendors


The LDB conducts business with liquor agents and suppliers to register and/or procure products for general sale and distribution in BC. The LDB also conducts business with non-liquor vendors and partners to procure services and goods for business operations. 


Visit the LDB Website for Agents and Suppliers — for registered liquor agents and suppliers.

Visit the BC Government BC Bid Website — for interested non-liquor vendors to browse opportunities.  


Liquor manufacturers and agents who are interested in distributing products for sale in British Columbia may contact the Liquor & Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) for information about required licensing options.


Agent refers to the person or company appointed by the manufacturer/producer/supplier to act as its agent in BC.


Supplier refers to the manufacturer, producer or distributor of the liquor and is the seller of the liquor to the LDB.

The LDB purchases products manufactured outside of Canada through the BC agency authorized by the manufacturer to represent them. Where the product is produced or manufactured in Canada, the LDB may purchase directly from the supplier.