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Doing Business with the LDB - Wholesale Distribution

The Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) is responsible for reporting all beverage alcohol sales in British Columbia. Therefore, licensed liquor manufacturers, retailers, and distributors in BC are required to report sales information to the LDB. The LDB provides the following options for reporting by direct-delivery suppliers:


Electronic Reporting by XML

The LDB currently offers an XML option to report sales electronically. Direct-delivery suppliers may download data from their own systems to generate an extract for submission to the LDB. We highly recommend this option for organizations with a large number of transactions. You can request additional information and file format specifications by contacting the LDB.




Direct Sales Web-Reporting

In September 2013, the LDB introduced a new website that allows BC manufacturers to report their direct sales safely and securely over the Internet. The application is called Direct Sales Web-Reporting (DSWR). The new process helps our partners provide accurate calculations of pricing, discounts and container deposits, eliminate postage and courier costs, and save time on error corrections and re-submission.

The application offers numerous other convenient functions such as search within batches or documents, ability to re-print any document or perform an extract of the transactions in Excel format for filing or reconciliation.


CSV File Upload feature allows our business partners uploading their data from their internal tracking system into the DSWR without re-keying it.  This makes the reporting process more efficient, especially when dealing with high volume of transactions. 


Note that the DSWR application requires an active BceID account to secure access to the application. If you have not registered yet please follow the instructions for BceID registration. 


You may find more information about the DSWR application, CSV File Upload instructions, and technical specifications at


Please email us at if you would like to schedule a web training session offered at no charge.   We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Visit the Direct Sales Web Reporting (DSWR) Website


Report transactions dated April 1, 2015 or later (Wholesale and Hospitality pricing) - DSWR


Please contact if you have questions regarding DSWR.