Responsible Use

2-id logoAt the Liquor Distribution Branch, encouraging and supporting the responsible use of beverage alcohol is a core value of our organization.


Helping to keep alcohol out of the hands of minors is one of our key goals. Staff at BC Liquor Stores receive specific training to ensure we do not sell alcohol to minors, and we discourage our customers from making alcohol available to minors by educating them about the potential negative impacts. The LDB also raises funds through customer donations for Dry Grad celebrations throughout the province.


We actively promote moderation and educate our customers about the harms associated with over-consumption. We also actively discourage our customers from engaging in high-risk behaviour like drinking and driving, consuming alcohol during pregnancy and participating in sporting activities while under the influence of alcohol.


To increase awareness of the dangers associated with over-consumption or risky behaviour,  BC Liquor Stores feature in-store campaigns with strategically placed messaging. Customer surveys have confirmed these campaigns successfully get people’s attention and encourage them to think about the chosen theme.


The LDB also makes available advice to party hosts and event planners on ways to ensure guests at their social event consume alcohol in moderation and arrive home safely.