Generosity of BC Liquor Stores' customers continues


VANCOUVER — BC Liquor Stores' customers have again demonstrated their care, compassion and generosity for fellow British Columbians by donating more than $340,000 to the Canadian Red Cross, to-date.

BC Liquor Stores activated its partnership with the Red Cross on July 10, 2017, to help provide much-needed financial support for those impacted by the wildfires burning around the province. In only three weeks, more than $340,000 has been donated — but more can still be done, with many communities still under evacuation alert or evacuation order, and more weeks of a hot summer still around the corner.

Customers are encouraged to continue their kind-heartedness by donating — in increments of $2, $5 or multiples thereof — at the till. All funds raised go directly to the Red Cross and help provide evacuees with shelter, food and water.

Local liquor companies also have shown their support by donating directly to the Red Cross up to $2 from select products sold in BC Liquor Stores. An additional $69,500 has been raised for the Red Cross, thanks to their generosity.

The Red Cross is also recruiting community volunteers, as their teams become more spread out with more communities affected by the wildfires. If you are able to volunteer your time — particularly in Prince George, Kamloops or Williams Lake — please visit the Red Cross website and fill out the wildfire volunteer application:



David Eby, Attorney General —
"I want to thank British Columbians for supporting their fellow citizens in this time of need, and I hope they continue to do so. While our firefighters battle on the front lines, donors and volunteers help to ensure that care and services are afforded to those who need it most."

Blain Lawson, general manager and CEO, Liquor Distribution Branch —
"It comes as no surprise that our customers have shown, yet again, astounding support and compassion for those who have been impacted by the devastating wildfires. While I'm very proud of how much has been raised to date, I challenge British Columbians to continue to donate more — whether in dollars, or by volunteering their time — to the Red Cross."

Kimberley Nemrava, vice-president, Canadian Red Cross, B.C. & Yukon —
"The generosity of British Columbians through BC Liquor Stores is helping the Red Cross reach the tens of thousands of people impacted by the fires. We highly value and appreciate our community partners, like BC Liquor Stores, and our volunteers to do the work we do. For those who can donate their time as short-term volunteers for this response — particularly in Prince George, Kamloops or Williams Lake, please visit our website to apply."

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Cindy Jensen
BC Liquor Distribution Branch
604 252-3029