Extremely rare scotches offered at Premium Spirits Release


BC Liquor Stores is hosting its Premium Spirits Release on Nov. 5, 2016, at locations throughout the province where a diverse selection of unique spirits, including rare whiskies, scotches and bourbons, will go on sale.


This annual event has grown in scope and popularity each year and 2016 promises to be another must-attend experience. For some of the special products being offered this weekend, BC Liquor Stores are the only place in Canada where they can be purchased. In fact, this year we are offering more than 100 products – the largest selection of any release to date.


Whisky connoisseurs and collectors will have their eyes on the $43,500 bottle of 65-year-old Macallan Lalique VI, but there are other offerings available that start at $50. And expect to find some amazing options from lesser-known producers from Japan and India, plus other unique spirits.


The largest selection of products will be at BC Liquor Stores’ flagship location at 39th & Cambie in Vancouver. There is a limited supply for some bottles so shopping early is advised to avoid disappointment. As in previous years, customers begin lining up outside the flagship store at least three or four days prior to the event to guarantee their spot in line.


Adele Shaw, BC Liquor Stores category manager, is hosting a tasting of premium spirits for customers at the flagship location when the doors open at 9:30 a.m. Product consultants are also doing tastings at seven other Signtaure BC Liquor Stores, too.



Adele Shaw, category manager, BC Liquor Stores –

“This year’s collection of premier spirits is an opportunity to explore the ever-changing world of whisky and spirits. These unique products will appeal to both the enthusiast and the avid collector.”


“The goal is to offer unique, exciting products for customers. The aim is to have a balance of selection, to offer options for consumers who are relatively new to the spirits world, but also for the real keeners. Accessible yet unexpected. It’s important to take away the intimidation."  


“There is also a large selection of casks that were exclusively chosen for BC Liquor Stores. These single casks were chosen for their exceptional quality and offer consumers a chance to have a truly unique product that will never be seen again.”


Quick Facts:

•Macallan Lalique VI, a 65-year-old scotch, is the most expensive product at $43,500.

•There are other extremely old and rare scotches, like a Bowmore 50 year old and the Balvenie 40 year old.

•Other extremely allocated and sought-after products include bourbons from Kentucky, as well as whiskies from Ireland, India and Canada.

•Twenty-eight BC Liquor Stores throughout the province are participating in this release, but the flagship store at 39th & Cambie will offer the largest seletion of products.



Media Contact:

Dixon Tam

Senior Communications Officer

BC Liquor Distribution Branch

604 252-3028