BC Liquor Stores raise over $1 million for Food Banks BC


Thanks to the generosity of its customers, BC Liquor Stores (BCLS) collected $820,028 for food banks during the holiday season.


Together with proceeds from its fundraising campaign last summer, the government retailer collected and donated $1,132,472 to Food Banks BC in 2020.


"When it comes to raising funds or awareness, our employees believe in giving where they live and work hard to do the best for their communities," said Blain Lawson, general manager and CEO of the BC Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB), which operates BCLS. "I am incredibly proud of what our teams have been able to do in a year filled with operational challenges."


All funds collected by BCLS on behalf of Food Banks BC are given to the food bank in the community where the funds are raised.


"The generosity of British Columbians during the pandemic is inspiring and shows how we can come together as a community to support others," said Selina Robinson, Minister of Finance. "These small acts of kindness can make a real difference in someone's life, and I'd like to thank the thousands of British Columbians whose donations helped put food on the table for those going through a tough time."


Dan Huang-Taylor, executive director of Food Banks BC, said: "The past year has been one of the toughest that many of our food banks and the communities they serve have faced in decades, and we know we're not through the woods yet. One of the ways we have been able to get through these extreme times is through the support of organizations, such as BCLS and their amazing customers. The donations raised over the summer and winter campaigns are truly staggering. This generosity reaches our 103-member food banks throughout the province and the over 100,000 people who access food banks' services every month in B.C., enabling the
purchase of healthy, nutritious food."


Also over the holiday season, BCLS and its customers helped donate 21,745 Share-A-Bears to shelters, hospitals and other non-profit charities across the province. Customers bought a pair of stuffed bears for $12.70, keeping one and donating its twin. The agencies receiving the donated bears are chosen by BCLS employees.


The LDB contributes over $1 billion annually to the Province of British Columbia. The contribution helps provide financial support for vital public services, including health care and


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