Sustainable retailing Doing Our Part TogetherThe Liquor Distribution Branch has been a leader in sustainable retailing in BC for nearly 50 years.


Container Recycling 

The province‐wide beverage container deposit‐refund program in British Columbia began in 1970 with the enactment of the Litter Act, which made BC the first jurisdiction in North America to establish a mandatory deposit‐refund system for soft drink and beer containers. 


Following this legislation the LDB became one of the first retailers in Canada with a container-return program. 

Last year, BC Liquor Stores accepted 94 million container returns. Over 90% of liquor bottles and cans sold in BC are returned.


Sustainable Products

The LDB offers certified organic products from around the world to our retail and wholesale customers. The number of organic products offered in BC Liquor Stores is growing. Look for the Organic Symbol on shelf labels in BC Liquor Stores or in product descriptions on the website or mobile app. You can also filter your searches at to display only organic products in each category.


Plastic Bag Reduction

We continue to work toward further reducing our plastic bag use. We introduced the environmental customer awareness program called “Doing Our Part Together.” We encourage our customers to bring reusable bags and we offer reusable bags designed to carry wine and spirit bottles, or beer. To promote Doing Our Part Together, BC Liquor Stores gives customers a reusable bag with every purchase during our Free Bag Days. 


In 2015, BC Liquor Stores redesigned their plastic bags to save over 21,000 kg of plastic per year.







Made from 100% unbleached cotton


Made from Recycled Plastic