The key initiatives in sustainability at the Liquor Distribution Branch include; carbon neutrality, waste management, energy efficiency, fuel efficiency, paper conservation, green construction/renovation, and employee engagement.

Carbon Neutrality

Carbon Neutral icon of world globeThe LDB has been a ‘carbon neutral’ organization since 2010. As part of B.C.’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act, all public sector organizations in the province are carbon neutral. This includes all government ministries, Crown agencies, school districts, health authorities, and post-secondary institutions. To achieve carbon neutrality, the LDB measures our carbon footprint, reduces it where we can, and purchases high quality B.C.-based carbon offsets annually so that the remaining emissions are net zero. 

We have invested in 21,737 tonnes of carbon offsets since 2010. That’s the same as a passenger vehicle driving around the Earth 2029 times. The LDB reports on actions we’ve taken to reduce our emissions in our annual Carbon Neutral Action Reports. View our current Carbon Neutral Action Report.


Waste Management

Waste Management recycling iconThe LDB recycles as much waste as possible. We recycle cardboard and plastic used in transport of beverage alcohol, metal, wood, organic waste, styrofoam, toner cartridges, e-waste, as well as oil and used batteries from our electric forklifts. In 2016, the LDB recycled 2,799 metric tonnes of cardboard, plastic, and office paper.  


We are always looking for opportunities to reduce waste from our operations. In 2015, BC Liquor Stores redesigned their plastic bags to save over 21,000 kg of plastic per year. You can help us save even more plastic by bringing your own reusable bag or purchasing reusable bags made from unbleached cotton or recycled plastic in our stores.


Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency icon of lightbulbThe LDB is smart with our energy use. We track and manage our energy use on a store-by-store basis. In all new and remodeled BC Liquor Stores, light fixtures use high-efficiency LED bulbs and stores with Coldzone coolers have remote monitoring and control technology that allows us to optimize energy use. 

Paper Conservation

Paper conservation icon of treeThe LDB conserves paper resources through various paper-saving initiatives. Further, we aim to only purchase office copy paper with 100% recycled content. Additionally, our award-winning publication for retail customers, TASTE magazine, is printed on 10% recycled content paper with 100% vegetable-based inks. 


Green Construction and Renovation

Green construction icon of tear dropThe LDB reduces, reuses, and recycles during construction and renovation projects. As we renovate and remodel stores, the LDB reuses material such as racking, cabinetry, and lighting fixtures.  


We use green construction materials in our stores. To ensure healthy air quality for employees and customers, the paints used in our stores are non-toxic and all the tiles, glues, and finishes have low volatile organic chemical (VOC) emissions. Additionally, new and remodeled stores use finishes containing recycled content and bio-based materials.  


Employee Engagement

employee engagement - bikeThe LDB supports and engages its employees that are passionate about the environment.  Ideas are regularly brought to Manager of Environmental Initiatives and supported by LDB executive.  Employees also have the opportunity to join the employee-led Green Team to contribute to various environmental initiatives across the organization. 


The LDB engages employees in environmental initiatives such as Bike to Work Week, which is growing in popularity.  The Head Office and Vancouver Distribution Centre are located on a major, separated bike route and the LDB has installed secure bicycle lock-up facilities to encourage employees to cycle to work.