Support Dry Grad

Support Dry Grad 2013In support of fundraising in the community and, in part, responsible use, the Liquor Distribution Branch’s Support Dry Grad initiative helps local communities raise funds for alcohol-free high school graduation celebrations.

Every spring, BC Liquor Store customers are invited to support dry grad (alcohol-free events for graduating high school students) celebrations by donating $1 to support high schools in their community organize alcohol-free graduation celebrations. All money collected is passed on to local school districts. 


In 2018, 55 school districts and the Federation of Independent Schools participated, which represents more than 270 high schools throughout the province. Thanks to BC Liquor Stores customers, more than $275,000 was raised during the BC Liquor Stores’ Dry Grad Campaign 2018. All proceeds are forwarded to volunteer, school-based Dry Grad Committees to add to the total of their fundraising efforts. 


BC Liquor Stores’ award-winning Support Dry Grad campaign has raised more than $6.8 million towards alcohol-free graduation events.