Monthly Campaigns

Each month, we create awareness on all major areas of responsible use, from risks in using alcohol during pregnancy to consequences of drinking and driving. Creative collateral is produced and strategically displayed in stores to raise customers' awareness about the risks when beverage alcohol is not used responsibly. 

The following are some examples of creative campaigns introduced in BC Liquor Stores.

October, 2015

Scare Up a Safe Ride Home

This Halloween, Make a Plan to Get Home Safe. That's the message in our stores this month as part of a joint campaign with Molson Coors.

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September, 2015

Alcohol & Pregnancy Don't Mix

September is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder awareness month. To help raise awareness, the responsible use campaign in stores focus on the message that alcohol and pregnancy don't mix - healthy mothers and babies need everyone's support. It's a reminder to be aware of the dangers of drinking during pregnancy.

This month, BC Liquor Stores provides a simple informational brochure for those interested in support resources. Find it at the Customer Service area.

Celebrate Life...Enjoy Responsibly!

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August, 2015

Precious Cargo

BC Liquor Stores would like to remind customers to drive safe this summer - don't drink and drive. August in BC means more travellers on the roads as many are on summer holiday vacation. We are reminding customers that drinking and driving is a dangerous combination and is also against the law.

Remember to Get There Safe.

Celebrate Life...Enjoy Responsibly!

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July, 2015

Keep it Fun Keep it Sober

As part of our Social Responsibility campaign, BC Liquor Stores would like to remind customers that drinking and water sports is a dangerous combination. Celebrate Life...Enjoy Responsibly!


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June, 2015

Don't Binge-Drink

As part of our Social Responsibility Campaign BC Liquor Stores would like to remind customers about the consequences of binge drinking. Binge drinking refers to consuming a large amount of alcohol in a relatively short period of time. Binge drinking is associated with many serious consequences such as car crashes, falls, burns, drowning, gunshot wounds, sexual assault and domestic violence, as well as serious health problems over time. So please, drink responsibly.

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May, 2015

Don't Buy For Minors

As part of our Social Responsibility Campaign BC Liquor Stores would like to remind customers that being a teenager is hard enough for some kids and the complication of adding alcohol to the growing pains of youth with only make it tougher. So please, don’t buy for minors.

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April, 2015

Earth Month

Earth Day is April 22 but for the whole month of April BC Liquor Stores focus on green initiatives and sustainability.

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March, 2015

Support Dry Grad

February 25, 2015 - March 31, 2015

Support Dry Grad, an annual community-based fundraising campaign sponsored by the BC Liquor Distribution Branch, is on now! Through its commitment to corporate social responsibility, the BC Liquor Stores encourages the responsible use of beverage alcohol by promoting awareness and prohibiting the sale of alcohol to minors.

Support safe, alcohol-free graduation events and activities in BC by donating $1 until March 31 and 100% of the proceeds go to local Dry Grad planning committees. Help provide fun Dry Grad events for our youth which often include boat cruises, dances, ski trips, mock casino nights, karaoke contests, games and overnight field trips. Receive a complimentary package of chocolate in recognition of your $1 donation to Support Dry Grad.

Now in its 15th year, BC Liquor Store customers have raised over $5.4 million for alcohol-free events in their communities.

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February, 2015

Family Talk - Be the Influence - February Social Responsibility Message

Labatt and the BC Liquor Distribution Branch encourage you to talk to your children about making safe choices and about the dangers so alcohol consumption for the young. You can be the influence and help avoid avoid underage drinking.

Celebrate Life...Enjoy Responsibly!

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January, 2015

Play Safe & Sober - January Social Responsibility Message

Be Winter Safe & Smart when getting out on the slopes or your favourite winter sports activity. It's best to wait until after the outdoor activity is done for the day to share a toast of your favourite libation.

Celebrate Life...Enjoy Responsibly!

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