Get Home Safe

Get Home SafeBeverage alcohol and food festivals are popular events and great fundraising opportunities. To assist your guests in returning home safely, the BC Liquor Distribution Branch offers event organizers a Get Home Safe transit ticket program for festival patrons. Get Home Safe was successfully launched at the Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival in 1997.

Events that are eligible for the Get Home Safe Program are those that benefit a registered charitable organization AND are for the purpose of educating consumers about beverage alcohol. Applications are not accepted for events that do not meet all of the program criteria.

To learn more about the program criteria, download the Get Home Safe Program Guidelines. A handy checklist is included in the program guidelines. Download the Get Home Safe Application Form here.


Note: Get Home Safe is not a designated driver’s service provider. Please check your local telephone listings for companies that provide driving or taxi services.

For more information about the Get Home Safe program, please contact the Special Events Coordinator by phone at 604-252-8754 or email with the subject Get Home Safe.