Monthly Campaigns

Each month, we create awareness on all major areas of responsible use, from risks in using alcohol during pregnancy to consequences of drinking and driving. Creative collateral is produced and strategically displayed in stores to raise customers' awareness about the risks when beverage alcohol is not used responsibly. 

The following are some examples of creative campaigns introduced in BC Liquor Stores.

April, 2017

Earth Day

Social Responsibility campaign for April: Earth Day

BC Liquor Stores is committed to being environmentally responsible and has been a leader in sustainable retailing in BC for nearly 50 years. In-store green initiatives include container recycling, sustainable products and plastic bag reduction. In fact, our paper bags are 50% post-consumer recycled content and in 2015, our lighter plastic bags saved 21,000 kg of plastic by design - equivalent to the weight of 78 adult grizzly bears!

Did you know?

We are Carbon Neutral: We have invested 21,737 tonnes of BC carbon offsets since 2010 – equivalent to a passenger vehicle driving around the Earth 2092 times!

We Recycle: In 2016, we recycled 2,799 tonnes of cardboard, plastic, and paper – equivalent to the weight of 20 blue whales. To read more about our carbon neutral commitment, visit our corporate website here.

We are Power Smart: High-efficiency LED lighting is standard for all new and remodeled stores. Stores with COLDZONE coolers have remote monitoring and control technology that allows us to optimize energy use.

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February, 2017

Communication is key

Have you talked to your kids about making safe choices and the dangers of alcohol consumption for the young? Our Social Responsibility Campaign for February encourages families to discuss the health and safety risks associated with underage drinking.

Celebrate Life. Enjoy Responsibly.

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January, 2017

Think drinking and winter sports is a good mix? Seriously?

Our social responsibility message for January comes from and focuses on drinking and winter sports.

It is that time of year again where the crowds get out and hit the slopes! Teaming up with Preventable, this campaign asks people to reconsider their alcohol consumption when out there on the mountain.

Have fun and stay safe this winter.

Celebrate Life. Enjoy Responsibly.

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December, 2016

Drinking Driving Counter Attack

With the season’s festivities upon us, BC Liquor Stores is helping to raise awareness and remind the public not to drink and drive. Our Social Responsibility message for December focuses on Counter Attack – a police-run roadblock initiative aiming to reduce driving-related injuries and fatalities.

Impaired driving continues to take a deadly toll on our roads. It remains to be one of the top three contributing factors for fatal car crashes. In an average year, 126 people die in motor vehicle crashes involving impaired driving. (Source: Police-reported five year average from 2005 to 2009).

With holiday parties here and there, the RCMP and Municipal Police will be working hard to help keep impaired drivers off the road. Counter Attack road checks across the province start on December 1st and will run until the end of the month.

Getting home safely should be part of everyone’s holiday planning. Keep in mind that drinking and driving don’t mix. Make sure you have a sober designated driver, money for transit or a cab, a place to stay overnight, or a friend you can call for a ride.

Do not get behind the wheel of a vehicle if you are going to be drinking. Stay safe this holiday season.

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November, 2016

Good hosts don't let guests drink and drive

Our Social Responsibility message for November looks at the upcoming entertaining season to remind everyone that good hosts don’t let their guests drink and drive.

Being a good social host does not stop when guests leave. Being a good host also means being a responsible one. You can host a fun yet responsible party by making sure that your guests arrive home safely. As you plan the night, from the set-up to the food, and the drinks, it is also important to think about how the night will conclude. Assign designated drivers, serving alcohol-free drinks, having the number of cab companies on hand, or transit fares available are some of the ways for you to make sure that the night ends well for everyone.

BC Liquor Stores' campaign and in-store collateral reminds customers to be good and responsible hosts.

So as you get into the holiday season and plan your own get-togethers, remember to plan ahead for your guests to get home safely. Do not let them drink and drive.

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October, 2016

Don't forget to plan for a safe ride home

Our social responsibility message for October looks ahead to Halloween festivities and reminds customers to plan for a safe ride home. This is a joint campaign with Molson Coors who will provide taxi vouchers at selected Signature stores plus SFU & UBC on Saturday, October 29.

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September, 2016

Binge Drinking

Before you go shot-for-shot, have a word with yourself.

Our social responsibility message for September is a partnership with and focuses on binge drinking.

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August, 2016

Think before you drink

Our social responsibility message for August focuses on summer driving season and reminding people to think before they drink and drive.

According to ICBC, there are more impaired driving-related deaths during the summer season. "On average, 78 people are killed every year in crashes involving impaired driving in BC. During the summer months alone (June to September) 36 people are killed – that’s nearly half (46%) of all impaired driving fatalities in a year."

If drinking is part of your summer activities, don't include driving in your plans. Think of alternative ways on how to get home safe. Driving while being under the influence of alcohol not only puts your own life at risk, but also the lives of other road users. Assign a designated driver, call a cab, or take the transit.

BC Liquor Stores' campaign and in-store collateral will remind customers that drinking and driving is never a good idea.

Don't ruin the summer fun. Stay safe on the road this season. Don't drink and drive.

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July, 2016

If you think drinking and boating are a good mix...

Our social responsibility message for July is a joint campaign with The Community Against Preventable Injuries focusing on the dangers of mixing alcohol and boating.

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June, 2016

Stop drinking while you're still thinking

Our Social Responsibility message for June reminds everyone about the danger of binge drinking, particularly for youth. Canada's low risk drinking guidelines suggest that the safe level of alcohol for men is three drinks per day and two drinks for women and not to exceed 15 per week for men and 10 per week for women.

Celebrate Life. Enjoy Responsibly.

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