Who We Are

Glasses of wineBusiness of the Liquor Distribution Branch

The Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) is one of two branches of government responsible for the beverage alcohol industry in BC.


The Liquor Distribution Act gives the LDB the sole right to purchase beverage alcohol both within BC and from outside the province, in accordance with the federal Importation of Intoxicating Liquors Act.


As the sole buyer and re-seller of liquor in the province’s mixed public-private model, the LDB is one of the largest liquor purchasers in the world.


Every year, the LDB buys alcohol from more than 1,000 Canadian and international suppliers and manufacturers, supplying product to wholesale and retail customers across the province.


The LDB is proud to contribute more than $1 billion annually to the Province of BC, helping to provide financial support for vital public services such as health care and education.


The Liquor & Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB), formerly known as Liquor Control and Licensing Branch, is the other branch of government responsible for the beverage alcohol industry. It regulates restaurants, bars, pubs, liquor retailers, manufacturers, and special events. LCRB supervises more than 10,000 licensed establishments and more than 25,000 licensed events per year in BC.

Our Customers and Stakeholders

The LDB is one of the largest retailers in BC, with more than 40 million retail customer visits to BC Liquor Stores annually. The LDB also supplies product to more than 10,000 BC bars, restaurants and private retailers.


To serve the interests of our customers and stakeholders, the LDB:

• delivers quality products and services;
• provides products and services to a variety of beverage alcohol outlets throughout BC;
• manages the importation, warehousing and distribution of beverage alcohol;
• promotes the safe and responsible use of beverage alcohol; and
• implements policies to ensure LDB workplaces are safe and free of harassment or discrimination.


To fulfill our responsibilities to Government and the people of BC, the LDB:

• generates revenue for the Government of BC;
• manages the LDB’s business risks;
• ensures accountability of key business partners; and
• develops and implements programs and services aimed at deterring the sale of beverage alcohol to minors and those who appear intoxicated.



The LDB operates within the legislative framework provided by the BC Liquor Distribution Act and the federal Importation of Intoxicating Liquors Act.


Under the Ministry of Attorney General, the LDB has a General Manager and CEO who is responsible for administering the Liquor Distribution Act, which includes the oversight of BC Liquor Stores, subject to direction from the Attorney General.


The Liquor Distribution Act gives the LDB the exclusive right to purchase liquor for resale and reuse in the Province and clarifies:

• LDB administration;
• BC Liquor Stores operation; and
• the role and powers of the LDB’s General Manager.


The LDB follows the Crown Agencies Resource Office guidelines for service plans and annual reports, and is reported out in public accounts in a manner similar to a commercial Crown corporation, on a modified equity basis.


Canadian Association of Liquor Jurisdictions

The LDB is a member of the Canadian Association of Liquor Jurisdictions. Its membership consists of the 13 Canadian liquor commissions and boards across the country and is committed to working together on liquor-related issues of common interest.