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Job Title Classification Location Closing Datesort icon
Construction Manager R21 Vancouver -
Learning Advisor Band 2 Vancouver -
Employee Relations Specialist Band 3 Vancouver -
Quality Assurance Analyst, Customer Care Centre, Cannabis Operations R18 Richmond -
Team Lead, CCC, Cannabis Operations R14 Richmond -
Systems Operations Analyst R14 Vancouver -
Junior Systems Analyst R21 Vancouver -
Director, Distribution, Cannabis Operations_Band 4 Band 4 Vancouver -
HR Business Process Analyst R21 Vancouver Wed, 2018-01-17
Inventory Control Supervisor, RDC, Cannabis R16 Richmond Thu, 2019-01-17
Customer Service Clerk, Inventory Admin R9 Vancouver / Delta Thu, 2019-01-17
Digital and Web Specialist R18 Vancouver Mon, 2019-01-21
Senior Manager, Store Operations Admin, Cannabis Band 3 Vancouver Thu, 2019-01-24
Store Project Lead, Store Operations, Cannabis R24 Vancouver Thu, 2019-01-24
Senior Store Manager Band 1 Southern Lower Mainland Fri, 2019-01-25
Middleware Administrator, Regular R24 Vancouver Mon, 2019-01-28
Store Manager R14 Kaslo Mon, 2019-01-28
Senior Store Manager Band 1 Sechelt Mon, 2019-01-28
Senior Store Manager Band 1 Upper Lower Mainland Mon, 2019-01-28
Supervisor R14 Sechelt Tue, 2019-01-29
Safety Advisor Band 2 Vancouver Wed, 2019-01-30
Labour Relations Advisor Band 2 Vancouver Wed, 2019-01-30
Compliance Auditor, Finance Wholesale, Temporary R24 Vancouver Thu, 2019-01-31
Wholesale Operations Business Process Analyst, Regular R21 Vancouver Thu, 2019-01-31
Store Manager R14 Upper Lower Mainland Thu, 2019-01-31
Senior Wholesale Systems Analyst, Regular R27 Vancouver Fri, 2019-02-01
Costing Analyst R21 Vancouver Tue, 2019-02-05
Senior Manager, Talent & Organizational Design Band 3 Vancover Tue, 2019-02-05
Wholesale Systems Analyst, Regular R24 Vancouver Tue, 2019-02-05
Investigations Assistant R11 Vancouver Tue, 2019-02-05
Customer Support Analyst, Auxiliary R14 Vancouver Sat, 2019-06-01

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Areas Of Opportunity - Entry-Level Auxiliary Positions

Opportunities exist in communities throughout British Columbia and in our retail, warehouse, and corporate environments. Learn more about entry-level auxiliary positions, follow the links below.